We believe in inculcating service as anintrinsic quality of life; from a better self to a better world

To bringing people to serve – To serve the people is our motto.


National social welfare foundation (NSWF) is a non-profit organization which passionately works with communities across various socio-economic classesto provide:

  • Quality education to children
  • Empowering women through employment
  • Legal aid to the weak and marginal sections of the society
  • Basic amenities to the poor

Knowing us

Do you know?

  • 75% of people in India’s overcrowded prisons are awaiting trial? Many of them lack the legal knowhow to even get trial.
  • Evidence indicates that as many as 140 million of India’s rural poor migrate seasonally to cities, industries, and farms in search of work andover 350 million remain excluded from services and rights as workers and citizens
  • National Sample Survey Organization’s 2017-18 household survey put the number of out-of-school children in India (6-17 years) at 3.22 crore. With rising population and economic disparity, this will only increase.
  • More than half of the work done by women in India is unpaid, and almost all of it is informal and unprotected. Though they comprise almost 40 percent of agricultural labor, they control only 9 percent of land in India.

Through NSWF, we are trying our best to solve these issues, one step at a time.

Just over 10 years ago, we started National social welfare foundation (NSWF), a non-political, non-sectarian and a non-profit organization, conceptualized with the sole intent of providing selfless service to the weak and marginalized sections of the society.

At NSWF, our focus is not just on the issues we face but to bring in team of people from diverse backgrounds and skills. Our goal is to build an organization of passionate individuals committed to service. A service that not only brings change in self but spreads the change among others to do the same.

Come, join us in this endeavor for betterment of one and all.